Adults Youth All Ages

Day Care

Immediate Needs

Sunday Mornings

Building Greeters

Make people feel welcomed as they enter the building with a friendly smile or handshake. Contact Jody Kaat at

Sanctuary Greeters

Welcome those attending the "First Worship" service at the door to the sanctuary. Contact Kaye Ebbers at

Production Team

Run sound, computer, cameras, or lights during services. Contact Kurt Rubsam at

Discipleship Ministry

Help with Sunday School: classroom leaders, small group leaders, teachers. Contact Kaye Ebbers at

Coffee Team

Make and serve coffee and refreshments. Contact Kendra Kettenhoven at

Sunday Evenings


Help with small groups: leaders, teachers. Contact Bart Daniels at

After High School Sporting Events

5th Quarter

Chaeperone gathering of high school students at our church or provide treats. Contact Sally Veldhorst.

2nd Mondays of Month

IFIT Ministry for Special Needs Youth

Assist with music and motion, Bible stories, and learning activities. Contact IFIT Ministry at

Wednesday Mornings

GO Quilting!

Assist with the quilting preparation and quilting. Contact Mary Huenink at

Wednesday Nights


Prepare the meals for those attending monthly Dinner Table Wednesday. Contact Joan Dana at


Serve the meals to those attending monthly Dinner Table Wednesday. Contact Joan Dana at


Wash dishes, wipe down tables, etc after monthly Dinner Table Wednesday. Contact Joan Dana at

Kiddie Klub

Assist with ages 2 - 3 classroom. Contact Tanya Hopeman at

FW Friends

Help with Faith Weaver Friends ministry as a crew leader, music leader, game leader, drama leader, or activity leader. Contact Kaye Ebbers at

MS Discipleship

Help with middle school ministry as a discussion leader, discipleship leader, or chaperone on trips. Contact Kaye Ebbers at

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